Trading in CFDs and generally leveraged products involves substantial risk of loss and you may lose all of your invested capital.
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How Forex Market Makers Operate

Like any other currency trader, a market maker needs reliable access to real-time financial information (quotes, interest rates, etc.). To this end, we use high-speed channels to exchange data with authoritative agencies and major trading platforms around the world. For example, Exness partners with Dow Jones Newswires.

A market maker also needs to have sufficient free capital in order to meet its obligations to trade with clients. At any moment, a market maker must be able to give its clients the opportunity to buy or sell a financial instrument at a fair market price.

Market makers usually minimize their risks by contracting with larger market makers or brokers so that their clients can be redirected to the interbank market when needed. Exness partners with several large European banks for additional hedging of its trading risks.

Companies offering services on the forex market need to provide their clients with the latest trading tools. At present, the most widely used tools are online trading platforms (including web platforms), due to the increased popularity of working online. Trading platforms are computer programs that let you receive up-to-date information about changes in the exchange rates of trading instruments and make bids to buy or sell a specific amount of chosen instruments. Many trading platforms include additional options to perform market analysis and forecast market movements using indicators and other tools. At Exness, clients can use one of the most popular trading platforms, MetaTrader 4, which offers an ideal combination of convenience and functionality in high-quality software. With the flexible tools available in MetaTrader 4, traders can implement any type of trading strategy.

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