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How to attract clients?

Exness, a leading forex player, offers you the opportunity to become its partner, i.e. to build your own business on favorable terms.

This document was created to give you certain basic skills and ideas about how to go about attracting clients and, consequently, provide yourself with a steady income in the form of an ever-growing partner reward.

A partner's main task is to actively distribute as much information as possible about the advantages of working with Exness and our unique trading conditions, services, and current promotions, using all possible means in order to sign up as many clients as possible. Your potential clients need to review the information and use your link to go to the Exness website and register a real trading account. After a client makes a deposit and starts trading, you will automatically receive a reward for each of the client's transactions.

How do I find my partner link?

After registering a trading account you will receive a unique partner link in your Personal Area in the following form: https://www.exness.co.id/a/re6Y43L0. You instantly become an Exness partner upon opening a trading account. You can publish your partner link on various websites or send it to your acquaintances and explain why it is profitable to trade with Exness. After following your link and opening an account they will automatically be assigned to you as signed-up clients in your Personal Area.

If desired, you can have the partner reward credited to a particular trading account in your Personal Area. To do this, use an partner link formatted as follows: https://www.exness.co.id/a/%Account number%, where %Account number% is your trading account number. In this case, the partner reward for transactions performed by clients you've signed up will be credited directly to the account indicated in the link.

To create and expand your own clientele, simply present our unique conditions to help as many traders as possible understand all of the nuances of trading at Exness.

First, we have the best trading conditions. Specifically,

  • Spreads from 0.3 points.
  • Minimum deposit of $1.
  • Minimum lot size of 0.01.
  • Maximum leverage of 1:UNLIMITED.
  • No restrictions on trading strategies.
  • Free VPS service.
  • Wide variety of trading tools.

Second, we have the best order execution:

  • Execution speed is from 0.1 seconds.
  • Minimal requotes and slippage.
  • No Freeze Level.

Third, Exness offers a practically unique service: automatic withdrawal.

We never ask you to deceive clients: all of the advantages listed are real and form the solid foundation of Exness' good reputation in online trading.

Successful promotion techniques

There are a number of ways to inform potential clients about the advantages of working with Exness. We will briefly describe the ways that are most readily accessible.

Forums about the forex market

You can sign up new clients by describing Exness' advantages on forums, convincing traders that trading with Exness is the best investment for their money, and using reason to challenge unwarranted criticisms aimed at the company. With equal effectiveness you can start new threads or join the discussion on old threads, actively stating your position. Your communications (posts on forums) will be more memorable if you supplement text with illustrations, tables, and charts.

The important thing is to not to forget to include your partner link in your posts. The more forums you cover, the greater the impact you will achieve.


By creating your own blog and posting information on it about Exness, the forex market, and currency trading, you increase your chances of attracting your own clients. Many partners replicate their blogs on different websites, thus signing-up a huge number of clients. To work productively and successfully, use an Exness promotional banner in your blog with your assigned partner link. We describe how to get such a banner below.

Social network page

Social networks such as Facebook may be a productive source of new clients. On social networks you can find like-minded individuals and chat with other traders, inviting them to become Exness clients. Moreover, you can create communities dedicated to Exness, promoting our company and signing-up new clients. Social networks offer the easiest way to find potential clients' contact information and get in touch with them.

Dealing center ratings

Signing up clients directly through ratings is extremely difficult. However, by voting for Exness and leaving positive comments about our work, you improve the company's reputation, thus making it easier for you to attract new clients. Furthermore, you can find like-minded people and expand your own partnership network in the future. We'll discuss this tool below.

And don't forget about interpersonal communication. You can use your own extended circle of contacts to tell acquaintances about your experience in trading at Exness, make recommendations to use services or participate in the company's current promotions, and tell them about our advantages.

If you already have your own website, you should use it to publish information about Exness and actively promote the company. The more comprehensive the information about Exness on your website, the more clients you will be able to interest.

We also invite you to use our standard promotional materials on your personal website. This will increase the interest of your potential clients. In particular, in the initial stage of working with us we can offer you:

  • banners;
  • quotes informer;
  • news informer;
  • currency converter informer.

Later you will be able to create your own promotional materials, and if your work is successful enough, you can count on Exness to help produce exclusive materials, conduct joint promotions, and provide other marketing support.

You can get HTML code for banners here. In the "Your Account" field, enter your account number, e.g. "1111", and click "Apply". Then you can copy the generated code. This code will already include your partner link. By using such a striking visual image, you will easily interest all potential clients who visit your website.

If you don't have your own website but are ready to sign up clients through an Exness promo site, we are ready to help you with this. We are ready to provide you with an Exness promo site free of charge, with administrative capabilities. To get your turnkey website, send a request via email to support@exness.com. After your request has been reviewed, company specialists will decide if we can provide this service to you.


Exness strives to assist its partners, so we invite you to consider using some additional techniques that may induce potential clients to accept your offer.

Rebate program

This means that a portion of the spread is returned to clients. This tool is very easy to use. You receive a compensation for your clients' transactions and periodically (monthly, weekly, or quarterly - only you determine the frequency) pay part of your compensation to your own clients (this is usually from 25% to 80%). You determine all of the rebate limits yourself and use an internal transfer to send a portion of your compensation to your clients. Exness imposes no limitations on using rebates.

Bonus from partner

Some partners offer their clients an additional bonus, which they themselves pay. Various options are possible here: you can offer your potential clients a deposit or account replenishment on any conditions that suit you. Exness does not regulate this bonus. You can use an internal transfer to send the entire amount of the bonus to clients.

Overcoming the language barrier

A common problem among potential Exness clients and your potential clients is overcoming a language barrier. Some clients' language skills may be insufficient to understand trading conditions. Consequently, these clients are unable to fully use all of the opportunities we provide. Not only must you become a partner for your clients, but also technical support and translator. By assisting your new clients and translating for them the conditions, registration procedure, and everything else, you will form positive relationships and attract new traders.


This method of attracting clients is effective but quite costly. You can attract new clients by arranging for training on forex trading in your region. By so doing, you can become a regional introducing broker and create the conditions necessary for opening an Exness representative office in your region.

A new partner should understand that if he or she distributes information about Exness among novice traders or people unfamiliar with the forex market, then he or she must provide information about the very concept of currency trading and its characteristics, explaining in detail how Exness stands out favorably from its competitors.

If a novice trader is not yet prepared to risk real money, invite him to test his skills on a trial account.

We want our partners to receive the greatest possible benefit from our partnership. Start by using these simple recommendations and in time you will devise your own way of signing up clients that fits your specific needs.

We hope you find success as an Exness partner!

If you have any questions you can always contact us for information through Live сhat or via email at support@exness.com.

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