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License Agreement

  1. The author and developer of the ExnessOneClickTrader trading script ("Program") is EXNESS LIMITED ("Company").
  2. The ExnessOneClickTrader trading script is free software. By making the Program available on its official website, the Company grants any individual the right to launch the Program for any purpose, the right to study and adapt the Program, the right to distribute the program for free and the right to develop and improve (modify) the program.
  3. Modification Terms:
    1. All modifications must be made only to a copy (copies) of the Program or any part thereof;
    2. All copies of the modified Program must be accompanied by a notice that the original Program was modified and the date of the modification;
    3. All copies of the modified Program must carry information about the author;
  4. Individuals modifying or distributing the Program (or work containing the Program) shall be deemed to have accepted the terms of the License Agreement, including the terms for copying, distributing and modifying the Program and work based on the Program.
  5. Recipients of the distributed Program automatically enter into an agreement with the original copyright holder (author) regarding the copying, distribution and modification of the Program according to the terms of this License Agreement. The user rights described in this License Agreement may not be limited.
  6. The copyright holder or other person with the opportunity to modify and/or distribute the Program under the terms of this License Agreement may not be liable to users for any damages caused by such person, including both general and specific damage that is caused by accident or through the use of the Program or the inability to use the Program (including the destruction or modification of information, losses incurred by users or third parties, or Program failure during interaction with other software), including events when the copyright holder or other party are warned of the possibility of such losses.
  7. Copying, distributing or modifying the Program in a manner that does not observe all the terms described in this License Agreement shall automatically lead to extinguishing of the rights provided for in this License Agreement.
  8. Because the Program is distributed free of charge and because users are granted expanded rights on the terms described in this License Agreement, the copyright holder cannot offer any guarantees, either express or implied, of the quality of the Program or its fitness for specific purposes.

By clicking "Download program" you accept the conditions of abovementioned Clients' agreement

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