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Melakukan perdagangan di CFD dan biasanya produk dengan dana penumpu mengandung risiko kerugian yang sangat besar dan Anda dapat kehilangan semua modal yang diinvestasikan.

MetaTrader 5

Platform perdagangan generasi ke-5 dari MetaQuotes Software Corp merupakan versi MetaTrader 4 yang disempurnakan. Para pengembang telah meningkatkan antarmuka terminal serta memperbaiki produktivitas dan kinerjanya. Serangkaian fitur platform juga telah diperluas.

Multi-functional trading platform

MetaTrader 5 offers the modern trader an impressive array of features which grant great freedom in navigating the financial markets. The MetaQuotes developers have enhanced the trading platform’s interface, improved its productivity and performance, and expanded its set of features, making it a very attractive option for those who want to explore new trading opportunities.

Key features

Account types:
Mini, Classic
Financial instruments:
Major currency pairs
Order execution:
Instant, market
Pending order types:
Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop Limit, and Sell Stop Limit.
Execution policy:
Fill or Kill (FOK)
Available on:
Mac OS, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android

Advantages of MetaTrader 5

Now the development environment can be launched directly from the terminal, and new programs automatically appear in MetaTrader 5.
MetaQuotes Language 5
Several limitations of MQL4 have been eliminated in a new language and the number of functions and graphical objects has increased.
Hedging system
Exness has opted for the hedging mode system of the MetaTrader 5, which allows traders to have multiple positions for a trading instrument, including exact opposite ones.
Charts & timeframes
All charts are created based on one-minute intervals, which allows up to 21 timeframes to be used simultaneously and the quotes history to be stored in a compact form.
Fundamental analysis
Traders can take advantage of an inbuilt forex calendar on MetaTrader 5, with news events, expected impacts, and forecasts included.
Indicators & analytical object tools
MetaTrader 5 offers 38 inbuilt indicators, 22 analytical tools and 46 graphical objects, equipping traders with additional features to boost their trading experience.

Get the MetaTrader 5 in a few easy steps:

Download the platform and complete installation
Sign in with your Exness credentials
Select the server corresponding to your account
Start trading
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