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Exness Rules for Holding Contests

1. Registration and Participation Rules

1.1. Clients who have a registered a Personal Area with Exness  are eligible to participate in contests conducted by Exness (hereinafter, "the Company"). 

1.2. Upon registering for a contest, the Client shall open special contest account and choose a nickname that will be used to monitor the Client’s contest activity.

1.3. The Company shall determine the initial deposit required for contests, as well as the leverage and other indicators. This information shall be published on the Company’s official website under "News" and/or "Contests".

Please note: a trader chooses leverage amount once during registration and cannot subsequently change it.

1.4. The duration of each contest shall be determined by the Company and specified in a press release and/or in the “Contests” section of the Company’s official website.

1.5. In order to identify a client who registers for a contest,  the user's credentials for his or her Personal Area may be verified. This verification procedure is described in the press release and/or in the "Contests" section on the Company's website. The client is permitted to registered for the contest based on the results of the verification.

1.6. Each Client must use a unique contest account for each contest. A single account may not be used to participate in multiple contests. Moreover, the client may open contest accounts for several different contest in the  same Personal  Area.

1.7. Upon registering for a contest, the Client shall read and accept these rules. Clients are prohibited from filing complaints based on alleged unawareness of these rules. The client may not file claims based on ignorance of these rules.

1.8. Each client is entitled to open only one contest account in each contest. To ensure compliance with this rule, the company reserves the right to disqualify, at any stage of the contest, clients who register Personal Area for the contest, which have the same IP addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, and names.

1.9. The company reserves the right to limit contest eligibility to the residents of specific countries. 

2. General Contest Rules

2.1. The Company shall publish the time frame for each contest in a press release and/or in the “Contests” section of the Company’s official website.

2.2. Contest participants may not trade using their contest accounts prior to the announcement of the start of the contest.

2.3. The results of each contest shall be tallied according to the rules for the contest as described in the press release and/or the “Contests” section of the Company’s official website.

2.4. Participants may continue trading using their contest accounts after the end of a contest, but the results of such trades will not be tallied for the contest results 

2.5. The Company shall publish a table showing the ranking of contest participants. This table shall be in the form of a list of participant nicknames and their trading results, including account balance, account funds, account growth and other indicators, as account balance, account funds, account growth, and other indicators, including extended statistics about the participant's contest account.

2.6. The Company shall not publish actual data about an account holder without his/her consent.

2.7. Contest participants may trade manually or using Expert Advisors, except in instances when the contest rules as presented in the press release and/or the “Contests” section of the official website prohibit a particular trading strategy.

3. Disqualification of Contest Accounts

3.1. The Company retains the right to disqualify a contest account from participating in a contest prior to the start of the contest without explanation.

3.2. A contest account may be disqualified during the course of a contest or after the end of a contest for the following reasons:

  • 3.2.2. Violation of these rules.

  • 3.2.3. The use by a single participant of multiple contest accounts to participate in the contest.

  • 3.2.4. Collusion among participants.

  • 3.2.5. Client use of software to alter or hide his/her actual IP address.

  • 3.2.6. Participation in a contest by a Company employee or relative thereof.

  • 3.2.7. Other reasons not described in these rules, after provision of a written explanation by the Company.

3.3. If a contest account is disqualified after the end of a contest, an explanation for such disqualification must be provided.

4. Clearing

4.1. After the end of each contest, Exness specialists take several days to complete the clearing process. The end of clearing date is the same as the date winners receive their prizes.

4.2. During the clearing process, contest participants’ trading history is reviewed to ensure that it complies with all contest rules. Participants found to be in violation of the rules are disqualified and prizes are redistributed accordingly.

5. Awarding Prizes

5.1. Winners shall be selected based on the deciding indicators for each contest, in accordance with the rules of the contest published in the press release and/or in the “Contests” section of the Company’s official website.

5.2. Participants shall be ranked using the data from the contest account monitoring table.

5.3. Prizes shall be described in the press release and/or in the “Contests” section of the Company’s official website. The rules for prize distribution shall be similarly disclosed.

5.4. If a prize is a material object, the Company may provide the winning Client with monetary compensation equal to the value of the prize. Such compensation shall be transferred in the form of funds to the contest winner’s Exness trading account.

5.5 If the terms of a contest specify that prize funds shall be awarded in the form of a bonus, then the winner’s use of the funds shall be governed by Exness' general rules about bonuses. The funds will not be available for withdrawal, but can be used for trading. Any profit earned with the use of the bonus funds may be disposed of at the trader’s discretion.

5.6. The company may distribute both the general results of the contest as well as the results for each contest participant in online- and offline- media outlets.

5.7. If the total amount of money in a contestant’s competition account is equal to or less than the amount of the starting deposit, in other words, if the competition participant has not increased his starting deposit during the tournament, the competitor may not claim a winning place or prize places in the competition.

Attention! Exness does everything possible to keep its contests transparent for all participants. By registering for a contest, you give your consent for the contest site to publish information about opened and closed trades in your contest account and your contest account balance. This only applies to your contest account and has no bearing on any of your Exness trading accounts. Trading account information is kept strictly confidential.

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