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How do I make a screenshot?

A screenshot is a snapshot of the screen on your computer or mobile phone. It allows client support specialists to see the situation that you are asking about and provide the most accurate response. You can make a screenshot of your trading terminal, Personal Area, and the Exness website.

Screenshot in MetaTrader 4

Making a screenshot in МetaTrader 4 is easy. Simply go to File → Save as picture.

In the window that appears, select one of the following options: “Active chart” or “Active chart (if present)”.  If you need to make a screenshot that includes the “Trade”, “Log”, or “Account history” tabs, then select the “Active workspace” option.

To save the screenshot to a folder on your computer, leave the  “Publish image online to MQL5 Charts and get link” checkbox blank. In this case, after clicking the “OK” button, you will be prompted to choose the file name, format, and location to save the file.

Screenshot on Windows

Please use the keyboard's Print Screen button (depending on the model of your keyboard, it may be also be called PrntScrn, PrtScn, PrtScr or PrtSc). A screenshot will be made automatically and put on your clipboard.

If you're using a laptop computer, press Fn + Print Screen.

Then open any image editor, e.g. Paint (Start → All Programs → Accessories → Paint), and paste the image from the clipboard (use the “Paste” button in Paint or press Ctrl + V).

You can use any editing tool to highlight parts of the image or crop it.

You will need to save the screenshot to a file in order to send it. You can go to File → Save as or press Ctrl + S. We recommend choosing the PNG, JPEG or GIF format, so the resulting file is lightweight and more convenient to upload.

Screenshot on Mac OS

Please press ⌘ Cmd + Shift + 3. This will create a screenshot and save it to a file on your desktop.

Screenshot on Ubuntu

Use the keyboard's Print Screen button. This will automatically create a screenshot, and you will be prompted to save it to a file. You can use the Ubuntu screenshot tool (Accessories → Screenshot), which lets you make screenshots with a delay.

Screenshot on an iPhone\iPad

If you are using iOS (2.х or higher), simultaneously press and hold the Sleep/On button and the Home button. A screenshot will be saved to the phone's camera roll.

Screenshot on Android

If you are using Android 1.х or 2.х, then you need to install a special app from Google Play to create screenshots.

On Android 3.2 and higher, press and hold the Recent programs button.

On Android 4.x, please use the Volume down and Power buttons. A screenshot will be saved automatically in the phone's photo gallery.

On certain Android phones you can make a screenshot using other key combinations. This information is usually provided in the reference material for a specific model or on the manufacturer's website.

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